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Having droopy eyelids is such an irritating issue and it takes place as we age. Yes, drooping eyelids is mainly caused only due to aging. Also, your skin becomes loosened as we age.

But, this eyelid lifting and tightening issue can be resolved with the help of some natural treatments, surgical treatments and non-surgical treatment as well. However, several non-surgical treatments are there, which also includes plexr non-surgical blepharoplasty. Yes, this is another non-surgical treatment done used to lift droopy eyelids and tighten loosened skin on the eyelids.

So, in the below section of this blog, you will get to know everything about plexr non surgical blepharoplasty. Plexr is a revolutionary technology that is used to remove excess skin by a process known as sublimation.

This technology is used to create a plasma arc which zaps away the extra skin. This non surgical blepharoplasty plexr is the most effective and the only treatment that allows us to eliminate excess skin without a single stitch or cut. Plexr is a technology that delivers its energy only on the superficial skin cells without affecting any deeper tissues. It also protects the deeper layers of the skin from unwanted heat transmission.

Plexr is generally used to perform with the help of wireless device that is ergonomic and is highly performant. There is no need for any invasive surgery methods like surgical resection, anesthesia or sutures and there is not any post-operative recovery time required.

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Plexr, in general term, known as Plasma Soft Surgery. The Plexr — non surgical blepharoplasty system was first launched in the UK marketplace in the year This system is quite precise and it does not spread heat to surrounding areas which means that it is perfect to operate on areas like eyelids. There are several studies that have shown Plexr has positive results in the acne treatmentremoval of extra skin from eyelids and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

The working process of Plexr is very simple and it does not take much time to complete the process. However, when it comes to the working process of Plexr, it works by transferring a heat to the skin that used to create a matrix of dots.

The superficial skin cells change from a solid into a gas. Vaporization takes place on the surface of the heated tissue and this used to stimulate as instant contraction and also tightening of the skin fibers. During this, the practitioner used to ask their patients to open and close their eyes during the eyelid lift procedure. In the above paragraphs, it has been already mentioned that Plexr is easier than simple tightening treatment.

And due to this, the skin is removed and the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. Just like all the other cosmetics and surgical proceduresthe effects of Plexr treatment are completely not permanent because it does not halt any further aging. There are some lifestyle factors that can help you prevent the result from lasting as long as they can like prolonged sun exposure, alcohol consumption and smoking as well.

Those planning on treatments should also be taken into consideration that their genetics and race can also have an effect of the duration of the beneficial effects.

Just after the plexr procedure the treated area will be quite red and swollen. This condition may take place for up to 3 days. Most probably, at the corner of each dot, a carbon crust will be formed.

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Such crusts are to be left to come away on their own, which takes between 6 to 14 days. You must be thinking that why I have mentioned plexr scarless blpeharoplaty. Well, let me make it very clear that plexr is also done to get rid of scars and so in have mentioned Plexr Scarless Blepharoplasty. However, the majority of the patients are more likely to notice some minor plexr side effects in the seven days following treatment.

Plexr Plus

Sometimes, you will notice some brown marks that can have the appearance of minor scabbing.During the natural aging process, less collagen is produced, elastin fibres wear out and the dermal layer thins. This results in wrinkling, sagging and loss of skin laxity and texture. Plasma treatments initiate a wound healing response in the skin, stimulating fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and repair the skin.

Collagen continues to generate for weeks after treatment, resulting in lifted, younger, smoother skin. An increasingly popular non-surgical cosmetic dermatology technique, plasma treatments utilise a plasma flash small electrical charge to create a radius of microplasma that delivers energy to the superficial skin cells, transitioning the targeted treatment area from a solid to a gas state without damaging surrounding tissue a process known as sublimation.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter and it is constituted by negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions with an overall neutral net charge. It can be created when a difference in voltage matches the dielectric breakdown of the gas included into the field. When external energy can split the molecules of the gas into positive and negative parts, we reach plasma. Plasma treatments utilise a plasma flash small electrical charge to create a radius of microplasma that delivers energy to the superficial skin cells, transitioning the targeted treatment area from a solid to a gas state without damaging surrounding tissue a process known as sublimation.

During treatment, visible smoke will appear as a result of the sublimation process. A crust on the treatment area will develop and dissipate within a week, leaving no bruising or scarring. Free Quote. The Global Beauty Group is totally committed to providing you with outstanding training experience. For this reason, a highly developed training program is provided FREE for you and one other staff member with your purchase.

Training is conducted at our Melbourne training centre and a Travel Assistance Rebate is supplied for interstate customers. The Global Beauty Group not only believe in providing you with excellent devices and outstanding training programs, but we also believe in helping you to market your new services to your existing and new clients. With this in mind, we have created an informative customer brochure and advertising poster for you to use to help promote your business. Here are some of the examples of the marketing materials that you will receive with your purchase.

Plexr Plus Plexr Plus is developed by GMV, an Italian based company at the forefront of aesthetic and medical technology development with over 10 years of experience in plasma technology. Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG by the Therapeutic Goods Australia TGAthis medical-grade device provides advanced treatment applications for some of the most frequent client aesthetic and dermatological concerns: Fine lines and wrinkles Lax, sagging skin Drooping eyelids non-surgical blepharoplasty Superficial and cystic acne Skin tags Moles and pigmented lesions Acne and atrophic scarring Hypertrophic scarring Cherry angiomas.

Download our complimentary Technology Guide Download. Plasma treatments encompass a range of versatile, non-surgical procedures to smooth, tighten, plump, repair and rejuvenate. What makes Plexr the premium choice for Plasma Technology? Before and After — Treatments with Plexr Plus.

The Science Behind Plasma Pen Technology Plasma is the fourth state of matter and it is constituted by negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions with an overall neutral net charge. The action of Plexr on tissue allows: Immediate contraction of the collagen fibres Collagen reorganisation Formation of new collagen Renewal of epidermal tissue.

FREE Marketing Materials The Global Beauty Group not only believe in providing you with excellent devices and outstanding training programs, but we also believe in helping you to market your new services to your existing and new clients.Plexr Plus is a revolutionary treatment in aesthethics and skin surgery.

The most exciting use of this technique is in non surgical blepharoplasty made possible by advanced plasma technology. This is an area which has been difficult to treat without the need for invasive surgery or laser. Plexr Plus has been used by UK doctors since and is already completely changing our approach to treatments around the eyes. This is one of our patients aged 70 before and after Plexr Plus to the upper eyelids more pics.

The treatment gives instant results through tissue retraction. This is achieved without harmful heat generation in the dermis — unlike laser treatment, where it can be difficult to control the collateral damage.

The results keep improving over the following months, through remodeling and formation of new collagen in your skin. To say that the results are amazing is an understatement. My eyes are more open and youthful and applying makeup is so much easier.

I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff, who are very professional, caring and brilliant at what they do. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Plexr Plus Soft Surgery. Plexr Plus - What is it?

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Before and After Plexr Plus to upper eyelids. Patient Feedback. Click here to book online.Most patients who have this popular treatment complain of hooded, baggy or saggy eyelids.

Unfortunately this is an inherent — often genetic — trait that worsens for many as they age. Until recently surgery was the only option to rejuvenate this delicate area of the face. The surgical procedure involves going under general anaesthetic and having the skin and fat cut from the eye with a scalpel. Because of the huge volume of Plexr patients we see, Dr Rowland-Warmann has decided to discount the treatment to be able to make more patients happy.

We believe everyone should be able to afford this wonderful treatment.

plexr plus price

Plexr Soft Surgery is a non-surgical solution to excess eyelid skin that rejuvenates the eyes helping patients look refreshed, confident and youthful. Plexr treatment is much less invasive than a conventional blepharoplasty and the healing time is measured in days rather than months. You can actually see the skin being zapped away and tightening as the Plexr device moves over each area.

This also gives you an idea of what Plexr looks like post-treatment. The small brown and yellow spots will stay for a number of days following your procedure. This is a good question. The plexr procedure is permanent. There is a healing process that takes around weeks and patients must carefully follow their aftercare instructions to avoid complications like infections or hyperpigmentation. To read what our clinicians think of plexr, take a look at our unbiased review of every aspect of the procedure.

Plexr review. This is because it makes people think that their ageing process is going to stop or they are going to start ageing backwards! This is not possible. Following your treatment you will continue ageing and the your skin will follow your normal ageing profile. It removes skin and tightens skin in the treated area. This will create a long lasting result that you will love. There is no scalpels, cuts, blood or significant downtime involved in your Plexr procedure.

This is one of the main benefits of Plexr over a surgical blepharoplasty. But the answer to the question, is Plexr Permanent? Is a yes. It is a permanent procedure and the results will not reverse over time. You will age though and many patients will experience normal ageing following their treatment that might make them think that the procedure is reversing but it is not.

This is exactly what would happen with a surgical blepharoplasty and is part of the natural ageing process. Here at Smileworks we offer treatment of the entire eye area including the upper eyelid, lower eye and the crows feet around the eye. Take a look at the Plexr consent form that we give out to our patients here:.

Nowhere in Liverpool can you get better Plexr prices than these. Here at Smileworks we carry out so many Plexr procedures that we can afford to drop the prices to treat more patients and make more people feel happy, beautiful and confident.

plexr plus price

Treatments include a nerve block treatment that completely numbs the treatment area. This is a technique pioneered by Dr Rowland-Warmann to help our patients get treatment without any pain whatsoever.

All prices include three treatments with Plexr to get the best prices.The patient will feel a sensation of heat, according to his or her own sensitivity, which can be controlled with anaesthetic cream. Results are instant, however after days scabbing will fall off leaving fresh pink skin.

The treatment can last anywhere from minutes depending on the area s that are being treated. Our monthly newsletter contains brand new offers and deals on exciting products and treatments. By checking, I agree to receive the Bliss Pharmacy and Clinic Newsletter, which also contains offers and special deals. The precise nature of this technology enables our doctorate treat the eyelid, an area which normally cannot be treated with equipment such as radio frequency, scalpels or lasers.

Treatment Time: 90 minutes. Is the Plexr treatment painful? Book Consultation. Sign up to our monthly newsletter Free Text Our monthly newsletter contains brand new offers and deals on exciting products and treatments.

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The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content including images without our consent.Plexr creates a plasma arc to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin in a process that takes weeks.

There is no scalpel or laser used and therefor no stitches. Following a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for Plexr, when you return for the procedure numbing cream is applied to minimise any discomfort. Treatment time, including topical numbing cream, may be minutes depending on the treatment area. One to three treatments may be needed for each area at week intervals. The treatment is performed with dots created by the Plexr device to sublimate change from solid to gas the superficial skin cells without bleeding or damage to surrounding tissue.

Following treatment, the areas treated will be red with swelling. At the site of each dot, there will be a carbon crust that should not be touched except to camouflage for 7 days.

The ultimate plasma: Plexr Plus

You will need to keep the treated area clean, dry and protected from sun exposure or direct sources of heat for a minimum of 30 days.

You will be given creams to apply for the following week which can aid with the healing process. Unusual side effects include infection, scarring or pigmentation changes. It is imperative to follow after care advice to avoid such complications. Plexr is an effective treatment for individuals with excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids, fine lines and photodamaged skin.

This treatment can be preformed on any skin type. This procedure does not involve cutting the skin or stitches meaning a faster healing time. It is an excellent option for individuals not ready for eyelid surgery or for those who are not suitable for a surgical blepharoplasty. Sign up to receive the latest information on new treatments, product launches and more. Thank you!Your Name required.

Your Email required. What Is Plexr And Why? Plexr is a newly developed and groundbreaking non-invasive device which utilizes recent advancements and discoveries based on plasma to replace surgery, marking a new age in aesthetics and a new direction in standard beauty procedures. These devices represent "soft surgery" - a new field of medicine which produces results akin to those obtained through full surgeries without performing any invasive techniques on the body.

Soft Surgery. Soft Surgery is a new substitute for the more invasive medical practices in aesthetic surgery and the related fields.

plexr plus price

It's non-invasive, bloodless, reliable, safe, and easy to perform without any serious risks for both the patient or doctor. Beauty 2 headpieces 0. Beauty Plus 2 headpieces 0. Plus 3 headpieces 0. Aesthetic Plexr is an extremely versatile device that is used for different dermatological treatments, both aesthetic and curative. Dermatology Many dermatological indications on the body, such as features like scars, acne, and warts, can be operated on with Plexr. Cosmetic Plexr can be used for a variety of cosmetic features such as cysts, wrinkles, and areas of the skin that require lifting.

Oculoplasty Plexr's radius of operation does not spread to surrounding areas, making it perfect to operate on areas like the eyelids. Gynecology The technology behind Plexr makes it an ideal alternative to other solutions for indications like vulvoplasty and labioplasty.

Dentistry Plexr's versatility means that it is perfect for some dental indications, like oral neoformations and gingival whitening.

plexr plus price

Post-Treatment Care. We have partnered with Uplifting Skincare, a new brand with a basis in effective minimalism, to bring both doctors and patients post-Plexr treatment skincare creams at an affordable price.

Uplift Yourself. Testimonials Praise for Plexr from around the world. I had hooded eyelids and I couldn't wear eyeshadow, as you really couldn't see it. My eyes looked small and tired most of the time. Two weeks after my first Plexr treatment, the difference is amazing and I am very happy with the results!

to the non-surgical eye-lift

I would definitely recommend this treatment. The Plexr has met all of my needs. It's very versatile!

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